Sailing into the Gulf of Volos is a journey through mythical landscapes where the stories of Pelion and the cosmopolitan vibe of Volos converge. Chartering a yacht in this region allows yachting enthusiasts to explore the enchanting Pagasetic Gulf, surrounded by olive groves, traditional villages, and the legends of ancient Greece.

Pelion, the mythical mountain, is a haven of natural beauty with lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and villages frozen in time. Imagine sailing along the coast, anchoring off the village of Tsagarada, and exploring the stone-paved paths and ancient churches. Volos, a bustling city, offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a vibrant waterfront, museums, and the iconic Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum.

As you navigate the Gulf of Volos, discover hidden gems such as the island of Trikeri or the picturesque fishing village of Damouchari. The mythology of Centaurs and the scenic landscapes create a backdrop for a yachting adventure that transcends reality. Volos is not just a city; it’s a portal to mythical landscapes, where every anchorage unveils a chapter in the tales of Greek mythology.

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