Trogir, a jewel on the Dalmatian Coast, captivates yachters not only with its historical riches but also with the seamless blend of cultures reflected in its architecture. As you navigate the Adriatic to approach this UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, a masterpiece of medieval art, becomes a beacon guiding you through the town’s labyrinthine streets. Anchoring in the marina allows for an exploration of the Kamerlengo Castle, offering panoramic views of the azure sea.

The Old Town, surrounded by well-preserved city walls, transports yachters back in time. Each step reveals a new layer of history, from the ancient Greek influences to the Venetian and Ottoman legacies. The waterfront, lined with cafes and restaurants, invites yachters to indulge in Dalmatian delights while absorbing the vibrant atmosphere of this maritime haven. Trogir isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey through centuries of architectural brilliance and cultural richness.

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