St. Kitts

St. Kitts, a picturesque island in the Caribbean, welcomes yachters with its historical richness, scenic landscapes, and a blend of colonial charm and island elegance. As your yacht approaches St. Kitts, the sight of volcanic peaks, sugarcane fields, and inviting beaches sets the stage for exploration.

Disembarking in St. Kitts means stepping into a world where history unfolds in the architecture of Basseterre, the capital city. The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers yachters a journey through centuries of military history and panoramic views of the island and neighboring Nevis.

St. Kitts’ coastal villages, such as Frigate Bay and South Friars Bay, provide a mix of Caribbean relaxation and upscale amenities. Yachters can explore the beaches, engage in water sports, and savor the island’s hospitality in beachfront cafes and restaurants.

The island’s scenic railway, known as the “Last Railway in the West Indies,” offers a unique way to explore St. Kitts’ landscapes. Yachters can embark on a journey through sugarcane fields, rainforests, and historic sites, enjoying the comfort of a scenic train ride.

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