Krk, known as the Golden Isle, stands as a beacon in the northern Adriatic, captivating yachters with its rich history and natural beauty. As your yacht approaches Krk’s harbor, the medieval town and the majestic Krk Cathedral dominate the skyline, creating a captivating panorama. Anchoring in Krk allows for an exploration of the island’s diverse landscapes, from vineyard-covered hills to secluded bays with crystal-clear waters.

The historic streets of Krk’s Old Town unveil centuries of Venetian influence, with charming squares and historic landmarks. Yachters can indulge in local delicacies, from Krk prosciutto to Žlahtina wine, in the town’s waterfront restaurants. For those seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure, the nearby islands of Rab and Cres offer pristine anchorages and picturesque landscapes. Krk isn’t just an island destination; it’s a golden jewel in the Adriatic, inviting yachters to immerse themselves in its history and natural splendor.

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