Kaş, nestled along the Lycian Coast, invites yachters to embrace coastal enchantment in a setting where turquoise waters meet rugged landscapes. As your yacht approaches Kaş, the charming harbor lined with colorful buildings and the ancient amphitheater on the hill create a captivating scene. Anchoring in Kaş allows for an immersion into a destination where nature and history converge.

Yachters can explore Kaş’s Old Town, where narrow streets lead to bohemian cafes and boutique shops. The Lycian Way, a scenic coastal trail, offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Kaş’s underwater wonders, including shipwrecks and vibrant marine life, make it a haven for diving enthusiasts.

For those seeking a maritime escape, the nearby Kekova Island and the secluded bays along the Lycian Coast provide opportunities for serene anchorages and secluded moments in nature. Kaş isn’t just a coastal town; it’s an invitation to discover the allure of the Lycian Coast, where the sea and land harmonize in coastal harmony.

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