Bozburun, a hidden gem on the Lycian Coast, invites yachters to experience a blend of elegance and natural beauty. As your yacht sails into Bozburun’s harbor, the town’s charm unfolds against the backdrop of pine-covered hills and the azure Mediterranean Sea. Anchoring in Bozburun allows for an exploration of a destination where yachting seamlessly intertwines with the town’s maritime heritage.

Yachters can wander through Bozburun’s charming streets, adorned with bougainvillea-covered houses and waterfront cafes. The town’s shipyards, known for crafting traditional wooden gulets, offer a glimpse into the artistry of Turkish boatbuilding. Bozburun’s tranquility extends to its pristine beaches, providing a serene setting for a day of sun-soaked relaxation.

For those seeking adventure, the nearby Datca Peninsula and the Greek island of Symi offer opportunities for island exploration and discovering secluded anchorages. Bozburun isn’t just a coastal town; it’s a canvas where yachting elegance meets the natural splendor of the Lycian Coast.

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