Amalfi, a jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea, captivates yachters with its coastal grandeur, cliffside villages, and artistic splendor. As your yacht approaches the Amalfi Coast, the sight of colorful buildings cascading down the cliffs and the azure waters create a breathtaking panorama.

Disembarking in Amalfi means entering a world of Italian elegance and seaside charm. The town of Amalfi, with its historic cathedral and charming piazzas, serves as a gateway to exploring the coastal wonders. Yachters can wander through the narrow streets, discovering artisan shops, lemon groves, and inviting cafes.

The Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a journey through picturesque villages like Positano and Ravello. Each village is a masterpiece of coastal architecture, with pastel-colored buildings clinging to the cliffs, providing stunning views of the sea. Yachters can anchor in secluded coves and explore the hidden gems that define the Amalfi Coast’s allure.

The historic Amalfi Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Andrew, is a marvel of medieval architecture, adorned with intricate mosaics and a scenic cloister. The Villa Rufolo in Ravello, with its terraced gardens overlooking the sea, provides a serene escape into artistic beauty.

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