Lowest price guaranty

The Best Price Guarantee from Cosmos Yachting gives customers the assurance that they will receive the best price for their booked yacht, along with a transparent booking process, flexibility, choice, and a high-quality sailing experience.

Sailing yacht in Lefkada Greece

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Cosmos Yachting is committed to offering the lowest price for their yachts. If a customer finds an equivalent yacht for the same time period and destination at a lower price, Cosmos Yachting will adjust the price to match the lower rate.

Simple Claims Process

The claims process for the Best Price Guarantee at Cosmos Yachting is straightforward and customer-friendly. Customers only need to provide proof of the lower price, such as a link to the other provider’s website or a written quote, and send it to Cosmos Yachting. The Cosmos Yachting team will review the claim and adjust the price if necessary.

Transparent Pricing Policy

Cosmos Yachting places a strong emphasis on transparency in their pricing. Customers can view the prices for available yachts and charter options on their website or contact Cosmos Yachting’s booking team directly for information on prices and offers.

Value for Money

Cosmos Yachting not only offers the lowest price but also provides value for money. With well-maintained yachts, professional service, comprehensive customer support, and attractive charter destinations, customers receive a high-quality sailing experience at a competitive price.

Flexibility and Choice

Cosmos Yachting offers a variety of yachts in different sizes and categories, allowing customers to choose the yacht that best suits their needs and budget. With flexible booking options and customized charter packages, customers have the opportunity to personalize their sailing vacation.

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